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The Twitter IPO will probably go the same as Facebook, or perhaps, a little better because Facebook recovered after its initial drop. I did buy some Facebook around $31 and it's performed OK. We'll see where it goes. I'll hold off and see where Twitter goes.

Yes: I thought AOL was obsolete in 1998. Being in IT, even then, I had direct access to the Internet and a full T1 going to my home. I did use AOL for travel or when I was working in both Des Moines and Minneapolis. I always envisioned AOL as the "training wheels" for the Internet. Once broadband became widely available I could never understand why anyone would use AOL on a broadband connection and, sorry to some of my wonderful Cruisemates friends, I still cannot comprehend why anyone still uses it. Yes, it may be easier but the software is buggy as hell, their virus software is almost worthless, accounts are as secure as my locked screen door and the only SPAM you get is what they allow. Unfortunately they allow almost all of it.

I did invest in AOL and made quite a few bucks off of it but with Time Warner merge I dumped it shortly thereafter. I knew that AOL would never survive at the level it was at. At least I got that one right.

The one thing that many people never quite "got" was that it wasn't until somewhere around 2003 - 2004 that broadband access overtook dial-up access with home users. That meant that were more people accessing the Internet via broadband than dial-up. That wasn't that long ago. I can understand why many people stayed with AOL because of that.

I personally enjoy Facebook. It keeps me in touch with family around the world. It has introduced me to cousins in Australia I had never met, keeps me up to date with my family in England and is just a nice way to have a "semi" private exchange with those you love. The difference is that, with real-world friends and family I reinforce it with face to face, personal interaction. That's why I'm typing this from England, where I'm visiting with my wonderful relatives. I'm choosy about who I friend and I set up groups so some people don't see everything I post. I know I may have insulted a few people by not accepting a friend request but I feel Facebook is "somewhat" private and I don't want everyone knowing what's going on with me and my family. Also, who would really care.

Don't "poo poo" the power of Social Media. It is here to stay and it will evolve. It isn't a Zoot Suit,Hula Hoop or latest fad. It is changing how people are communicating and interacting. It's got a lot of negative aspects about it but it also has many positives that will keep it around and evolving for the rest of my lifetime.

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