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Default Tea Party vs. Park Service

I've been fortunate to travel much of the country over many decades. In all those years I've chatted with countless Park Service Rangers, people I consider guardians of a significant part of our nation's soul. I've never been disappointed in one; every one has taught me something, given me a special perspective, or simply given me good, practical information about the place I was visiting.

In short, our Park Rangers are a national treasure.

But not to Texas tea-party Congressman Randy Neugebauer, who represents a heavily gerrymandered district covering Abeline, and who typically wins re-election by five-to-one margins. In others words, he's guaranteed a place on Capitol Hill until he keels over.

After being part of the cabal that has intimidated Boehner into not putting a clean budget bill on the floor, he scooted down Capitol Hill (probably in a stretch limo) to the WWII Monument, which was closed. There, he scolded a young Park Ranger for not allowing vets entrance to the memorial. He cowed her into apologizing, but happily she refused say she was ashamed. Finally, her cause was taken up by a bystander, a furloughed government employee, who tartly informed the Congressman that the Ranger was only doing her job.

The man incites the shutdown, then grandstands at a national monument and dresses down a Park Ranger for, in essence, carrying out the orders that he issued. This is the definition of hubris, and this man should be put on the all-time hypocrite list. I'm sure his Texas constituents are busting with pride, and can't wait to re-elect him.

If you haven't seen the tape, here it is. p_congressman_berates.html
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