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Haven't you noticed that "the tea Party" is a democrat party straw man - a pejorative name they use for extremely conservative Republicans. There is not really much of an organized Tea Party any more - when was last time you saw a Tea Party demonstration. When was the last time you head a right winger refer to themselves as a "tea party" faction or member?

It's just a name the Democrats have glommed onto and kept alive - like if we chose to refer to certain democrats as "Occupy Wall Streeters" - but we don't.

Which reminds me - speaking of national park services - the difference between the how Obama sees American citizens:

He shuts down the World War II memorial with police tape so taxpaying veteran citizens who travel hundreds of miles can't see it. But he was fine with Occupy Wall Street law breakers sleeping, urinating and fornicating in a small city park in downtown Manhattan that people use to use to eat their lunch.
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