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Originally Posted by Mike L View Post
I agree every business is in it to make a profit...that is a given....but the
400-500% markups are extreme.

HAL had a very friendly wine policy compared to others and they are giving up a competitive advantage that clearly separated them from their competition. We used this advantage to select HAL over other cruise lines with similar itineraries.

HAL accountants have crunched those numbers until they screamed.
HAL knows far better than us what they will gain and what they will lose in terms of $$ by changing the policy.

Maybe they are happy for some of those guests who abused the policy so blatantly and have them go elsewhere. All those cocktail parties they ran with their own wine likely involved free hors d'ouerves provided by HAL and sets ups and extra cleaning and broken glasses........ there was no profit to HAL by wine parties run by guests pouring from their own bottles. Why would HAL miss that?

HAL did not do this without a lot debate and study. They have run a cruise line for something like 150 years. I think they probably know what they are doing and if not, we all will learn that in time.
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