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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post


I had a look at the Royal wine list and was presently surprised. we'll pick up two bottles before our Oasis cruise (cause yes Bruce- we're frugal). Some of the bottles they are selling in the 30 range are probably 5 to 6 dollar bottles in the US but are 20dollar-ish bottles in Canada. Yes, I'm still being ripped of but not as much as my own Ontario liquor stores are ripping me off.

I don't know of any restaurant that sells wine to diners at the price we can pay in a liquor store. Of course, there is mark up. Why shouldn't the cruise line mark up the prices? They are a for profit business. It isn't a hobby.

I buy certain wines for home consumption for $25 but see them on local restaurant menus for $49 or more...... why not? They are in business to make money. No one makes us order it.
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