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What my people? Tea Partiers, I am not a member. Texans? I was sent here as part of the Army. I don't know what people you are talking about.

Your Title says Tea Party. I am not sure what the rules say about how many it takes to attack the whole group, but I'm pretty sure it is more than one.

Let's face it AR. I will not follow the Pied Piper. I believe that each person has the right to speak, and equally to question the Gov. But I do know if people don't start speaking up, they will one day wake up and realize that right is no longer there.

All these people speaking up are in the Obama's way. He would like nothing better than for Tea Partiers, and Fox news to be gone tomorrow. That is why the piper has instructed his minions to say and do anything to discredit them.

I was asked a question in an e-mail from someone who has read your attack threads in the past couple of months. WHY TEXAS? You have picked on the representatives, the Governor, and the people. I realize you started in what was it So Carolina? But all your energy lately has been about this great state and the equally great people. WHY?

Is it because the piper hopes to have Texas as a demo state, where all follow the man off the deep end? Not going to happen. These people are strong, and stand up for themselves.

You suggested a couple of weeks ago, that you didn't care to "debate" with me anymore, and I agree. I am tired of sticking up for Texas and the Tea Party. There are Texans on this web site, and I know of three Tea Partiers, so I will let them take up the sword.

I really do care for you AR, and encourage you to think about who you are defending. You should be okay as long as you do the biding, but once you try to tell the truth, they might be after you. Ask James Rosen if you don't believe me.
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