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Default Do you care about "Celebrity" consultants at cruise lines?

The newest trend at all cruise lines is to bring in celebrities from the world of Television or Sports to consult on a variety of issues. It can be celebrity chefs recommending certain recipes, celebrity comedians finding the onboard talent for onboard comedy clubs, sports figures consulting on fitness routines or home décor television experts helping the cruise line choose its curtains.

This trend started years ago, mostly with cruise lines hiring celebrity chefs to add some zest to the onboard cuisine, but lately it seems hardly anything can go on a cruise ship without some kind of celebrity endorsement.

The latest announcement I just received today was from Royal Caribbean telling me that the cruise line has “drafted” Dhani Jones, a former sixth-round draft pick who left the NFL in 2007, but who now has his own show on the Travel Channel where he attempts to play different sports that are unknown to Americans. He will to “create a game plan for active cruising onboard Quantum of the Seas” the lines new ship set to debut in late 2014.

I had never heard of Dhani, so I googled his football career and checked the Travel Channel for details about his shows. What did I see? Let’s just say I once knew a bartender named Fritz on Royal Viking who would have “loooooved” that series.

Titles include: “Dhani is Schwingen in Switzerland,” “Dhani Gets Worked Over Down Under,” and even “Dhani Jones Uncut in Italy.”

At this point, I have to wonder how much the cruising public actually cares about these celebrity tie-ins. I am not a football fan, so I did not recognize Dhani’s name, but the cruise line seems to think he was more important than the second celebrity tie-in they announced the same day - Genevieve Gorder, “one of America’s favorite interior designers and the most popular personalities on cable television network HGTV,” as just one of what will be many Quantum Experience Advisors. Gorder has been working with Royal Caribbean’s since May 2013 to influence and inspire the décor and furnishings in the loft and suite accommodations onboard Quantum of the Seas, “where her soulful and whimsical style will be felt throughout” says the cruise line.

Do you care about these "celebrity tie-ins?" - By the time Quantum appears will you even remember that Dhani Jones helped pick the canvas for the floor of the iFly "skydiving" experience? I won't.
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