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Originally Posted by snorklr45 View Post
I have had many people who have drunk too much "invade" my vacation and NOT in a positive way..Should we have a "heavy drinkers area?"
It is called the brig and yes they put people there and even send them home at the next port. we had an obnoxious drunk guy in the dining room near us at dinner on RCI. the next night him and his wife were missing and did not see them again. Now I am sure the crew reported this guy, but if fellow PAX reported such people as much as the report smoking violators, yes there would not be a problem. for some reason people don't report this as often, maybe they are afraid it could be them next time whereas a nonsmoker KNOWS they will not be smoking???

Rule of thumb for me is to stay away from 3 or 4 days cruises that fall over the weekend-so no Friday to Monday or Thursday to Monday cruises for me, no matter the line, because too many people see these as weekend cruises and "party hardy" time.
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