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Seems that I have caught this thread well into it's depths, even though it's only a day old, certainly shows that there is a lot of feeling on the subject, so let me throw in my 5 cents ....

I am in the UK/Great Britain, and whilst I think the comments that the world is laughing at you are somewhat harsh, I think it is fair to say that we are very surprised/shocked that there does not appear to be a health scheme provided by a central fund to look after the general populus.

For laughing stock, the UK's National Health Service (NHS) seems to be far closer to that state. It used to cover all healthcare, hospital, homecare and doctors (physicians) but due to underfunding (only the employed contribute via something called National Insurance or NI).

The results being that people working fund the scheme, but are not entitled (well in England) to free eye care, or dental/orthodontics work, and have to pay again for those.
Many companies offer a healthcare plan to their employees to speed up hospital waiting times by using private care, and you would think that as we are taxed on this potential benefit in our wages, we would not have to pay NI - wrong :o(

The problem that we have now given ourselves is that the NHS service has such a good reputation that anyone in Europe can come to the UK & obtain free treatment, which in turn means that our waiting lists are growing by the day, and our doctors & nurses are very overworked

So is there a simple solution to providing equal treatment for all? Unfortunately I don't think so, but would wish for some form of 'State' sponsored care to be available to those who have served well for the country offering the service as a 'thank you' for the individuals, and their dependants efforts.

All of course posted IMHO,

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