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I was actually not surprised or saddened about the comments of others laughing at us.

I lived in Europe off and on for ten years, and I heard it all. It seemed each new president brought on new jokes, and insults.

A lot of the times, I thought it was pure envy. I heard more than once our country described as the land of milk and honey.

I use to smile when I came back to the states, and saw how very low our gas prices were, and the fact if we wanted to buy a new refrigerator, we did so, but German families held on to theirs for years, because new products were taxed beyond what we could imagine.

Having Gov. insurance is new for us. It will I am sure, be rough for the first couple of years, and then somehow work it's self out.

What is going on in Washington is not new. It has been going on for years.

What has changed that as far as I can read, is the lack of encouragement for the American people to have full time employment. Even when the great depression hit, there was never a problem of people not wanting to work, but determination to work and provide for their families.

Now with all the regulations, businesses are going overseas to employ people. We are told that we are now, or could be self sustaining as far as power, being oil, gas, etc., but yet we are not, because of regulations.

To me there are plenty of things that others could laugh about.

Thank you to those who live outside of the states, who contributed, with this thread. Sometimes, we don't see ourselves until someone points it out.
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