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I live in Japan, which has arguably (tied with Switzerland) the best healthcare system in the world.
We have been rolling eyes and shaking heads at the mess in America for many years.

Every Japanese citizen is fully covered for full medical and dental, and everyone pays a very small premium every month. Our 10% Flat Tax on income pays for most of the program. Employers are not involved in any way.

Every medical or dental procedure from a simple doctor visit to major surgery costs the same - the equivalent of US$5.
We can choose any dentist, doctor, clinic, or hospital we like, and there is no waiting. Very simple and efficient.

When the American Government decided to try to join the civilized world with sensible healthcare, everyone there focused on the countries where it doesn't work very well.
But hardly anyone bothered to look at Switzerland or Japan, where it is just about perfect.

So what did the Americans do?
They could have copied either the Swiss System or the Japanese System, which are both time tested and extremely successful.
But instead they decided to re-invent the system with no testing, hoping for the best.
The outcome was very predictable - complete chaos and very high cost.

America used to have the greatest healthcare in the world - and the healthiest people in the world. Now it has sunk to a third world level.

I would never consider having any medical care in the USA, it's expensive and dangerous.
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