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I'm sure new as new can be--at age 70 I'm taking my first cruise with my youngest daughters family-including grnd child who I'm sharing the room with and my son-in-laws parents,for a total of a party of6 all cruising over the Christmas holidays in the Caribbean.

I'm sure my question is a much asked one but here it goes-I'm quite picky about the whisky I drink..single malt scotch is it..and HAL does not offer a particularly stellar selection of single malt scotch. It's not that I drink a lot, it's simply that I know what I want and Kentucky whiskey isn't it. I like a particular brand.

What can I do? Theres basically no difference in price between what HAL offers and the lower quality Scotch Whisky available but I don't like the taste of it..any ideas for how I can smuggle a bottle of my brand into my room? I'm even willing to pay a surcharge or corking fee,like they offer with wine, but they don't offer it with whisky.

I feel like a cheap skate here but damned if I'll pay $300+ for a one week beverage pass only to be served inferior whiskey.

I'm frustrated ....and looking for solutions from experience travelers and cruisers
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