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Default Not Your Parents Kind Of Cruise!!!!

NCL & SixthMan have just announced "Live Loud" Festival At Sea, on the NCL Pearl Feb 28th - Mar 2nd.

It is a full charter music cruise, but based upon extensive research and input it was designed by music fans, which in essence gives everyone a sneak peek into the future of cruising by changing the paradigms

The focus is on the custom onboard and private island experience (not on the ports of call and excursions)..they can feature different musical styles focusing on up and coming artists with regional fan bases and utilize social media to sell out the ships...the traditional onboard cruising trappings (formal nights, broadway shows etc) no longer apply

The template is being fine tuned that will allow NCL to take the "freestyle cruising" concept to another level on one or two of it's ships, while maintaining the "traditional freestyle experience on the balance of it's fleet...NCL could go after almost any segment of the vacation population based upon their hobby or passion, survey you to gain your input to what you would like your onboard experience to reflect, then design it for you...I would suspect at least one of the next generations vessels will be designed for this concept in mind (no more main showrooms or massive MDR)...
I give NCL & SixthMan kudos for thinking outside the box...the question is when (not if) others follow their path
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