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At first I thought it was odd to leave on a Wednesday (26th) and return on a Sunday (2nd)..but then I remembered for the Kid Rock charter they introduced an option package ($$$$$$) of being able to board on Tuesday evening, go out to the 3 mile limit, open the casinos, bars and party, come back the next day at noon and pick up the balance of the cruisers...thus they were able to capture traditional pre cruise revenue (hotel,food,bars) and open rooms for the hotel's normal corporate midweek business..that's the beginning of changing the dynamics of the traditional "turnaround day"
Major productions in the main showroom,2 hour dinners in the MDR , traditional island tours, and island shopping excursions (thanks to the internet) does not have the same appeal to todays younger cruising generation as they do the traditional cruisers...private island beach times, activities and entertainment geared to their sensory nerve center, is what will fill the ship...thanks to today's social media networking, a 2200 psgr ship can sell out in 72 hours or less for a music charter and an artist loyal fan base will return year after year and not flinch to pay a premium would probably shock traditional cruisers to know how many elite status cruise loyalty program members will be coming from the NCL/SixthMan charter cruises in the next year ot two
I've been cruising since was always the guest subscribing to what the cruiselines dictated (much like the Detroit auto industry)...NCL has been an industry leader in changing the dynamics...usually we fill out a post cruise survey about our was very nice for a change to be asked by SixthMan/NCL for input in the front end of the process...I am a jazz guy, never been on a NCL/SixthMan music charter...if they do a jazz one in the future, I would do it
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