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Dave...your "perception" is pretty much reality...NCL/Sixthman has been very active in the pursuit of "alternative" music cruises...HAL in partnership with ECP has most of the Jazz related cruises tied up (as well as the Legendary Blues Cruise that my buddy Irma Thomas plays on) contractually....Royal Caribbean has dibs on the Legendary Rock Cruises as well as Dave Koz and Friends and Carnival has the Capital Jazz SuperCruise, Tom Joyner's Fantastic Voyage and Festival At Sea onboard

What makes the NCL/Sixthman deal awesome is that NCL cut out the "middleman " (promoter) in the formula, designated one ship (Pearl) which by taking cabins out of fleet inventory, raises occupany rates on remaining ships for that week, which means they don't have to discount as much

NCL is rewriting the book on full charters by creating markets that 5 years ago no one had ever thought of music or cruise making their charter cruises 5 instead of 7 days they have the option of doing pre/post revenue capturing opportunities or alternate with longer regular sailings...I suspect that due to synergy of cross utilizing musicial acts from their charters on regular sailings the onboard entertainment offerings on their regular sailings will be very different then what we see today...I happen to be reading Cruise Travel Magazine today and the NCL Breakaway is designed to be very condusive for music charters..someone at NCL is really thinking

The demographics of cruising is changing..the full charter music theme cruises (as well as other full charters) are the gateway for cruise lines to impact this change for the next generation of cruisers..unlike a regular sailing, you don't have to try to please a wide variety of cruiser expectations (which is almost impossible) it's much easier to please folks who have one passion in common

Dave, life is too the Blues Cruise next year (if it%s not already sold out)..take Paul with you so he can learn how to sing and dance to Zydeco Music and eat crawfish and alligator hushpuppies
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