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Originally Posted by NancyB View Post
Has anyone won any money on any Carnival Ship??
I love playing Slots and I am hopeful!!
Yes, I have won on several ships: Spirit, Miracle, Dream and Freedom. Spirit was $1,500, Miracle was $1,000, Dream was $2,000 and $1,000 and Freedom was $1,500. However if you add up what I lost on the other 14 cruises, well I am not in the black yet. I play slots for fun and entertainment. I know that slots are pure luck, you have no control over what is coming up (and no, there are NO systems to beat the slots, no matter what folks say) and if you win take it home as quickly has you can. I have a pool of money for cruise casinos and some times it lasts for the cruise and sometimes it doesn't. Just relax and have fun. That is what it is all about. As an aside, I find that I do better on the $1 slots than the lower denominations. Just be aware of what you are spending and enjoy yourself!. And oh yeah, regardless of what anyone claims, I don't find the slots on cruise ships pay more at the beginning of the cruise than at the end.
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