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Dave - thank you for posting this.

When we were debarking and waiting to clear customs from Oasis on Sunday - we were chatting with a lady who seemed to know of this story - but we were told a different version. She told us of a family who left a 6 year old in the pool with two older siblings - while they went off to the casino - the two older siblings ran off and left the 6 year old alone in the pool
Although a lot of details are not provided in the link you gave, it presents a different story and says the family was present.

Our kids are 6 and 7 - man this hit home.

I can tell you from Oasis, there were, at most, a handful of parents in the kids pool. There was no way, we were all accountable for all those kids. My kids are both good swimmers (better than me) but we would never leave them unattended. At least the pools on Oasis (in October) have enough room to watch your kids. I was terrified of the pools on Disney (in march) where the pools are soooo crowded, a child could easily be submerged and no one would know.

What a horrifying and tragic experience for this family. To this day, my hubby and I are still haunted by an experience in the Costa Maya pool. I was in the shallow end with my then 3 year old. I was sure he was looking at us when she started to walk towards him - but at the distance and with sunglasses on, I really didn't know for sure that he had seen her (he hadn't). My hubby had gone just past the drop-off and my then 4 year old walked out towards him, hit the drop-off and sank. She started flailing and a young girl in the pool alerted her mom who rescued my daughter. We thank God for that little girl and her mother who saved my daughter from drowning. It all happened in a matter of seconds. My husband still has nightmares over this.

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