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Default SS Belgenland (Red Star Line)

I was watching PBS about the Stock Market Crash of 1929...I did not know that Wall Street operated a Brokerage Market Office onboard the luxury reference how when it sailed from England, guests were rich..they found out about the Market Crash enroute and rushed the onboard office to send teletypes to sell their stock, but it was too late and when they arrived in New York City, they had lost their fortunes...most never recovered and died broke..the Belgenland never recovered from the Crash and the Great Depression that followed, fell on hard times and for awhile charged cruisers $4.00 per day to sail to Cuba from New York

My question is with today's technology, is there an SEC regulation that prevents Wall Street from having a Brokerage Market Office on today's megaliners?

If you never viewed the show you would be surprise at the parallels in what happen in 1929 and what occured with Lehman Brothers just a few years ago and how the "Feds" responded both before and after
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