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Well, working with my BCBS sales person, we were able to sign me up, I keep the same coverage and Doctors and prescription coverage as I had with my self insured policy with them, I qualify for tax rebate that actually lowers my monthly premium then what I was paying currently because BCBS can longer charge the premium due to my pre existing conditions and under the ACA there is no longrr a lifetime "cap"

No question the roll out was a nightmare, but technical stuff can be fixed...once folks can gain access to the marketplace (depending upon your state and whether it is one operated by the state or federal, I live in Louisiana, so guess which one we have) they can see their options...I've yet to speak to anyone that has been denied coverage (due to pre existing conditions or lost of employment and lapse coverage of 61 days or more) or those who are self employed and must pay for their own health insurance, or have a special needs child (i.,e. Autisum, where health companies refuse to cover), that are not optimistic to try to make ACA work

The question that I always ask...the Republicans have yet to offer to the American public, a written plan that is their alternative to don't throw the baby out with the bathwater unless you have a better bathtub...they have had over 6 years to put one together...There is no State Gov that wants to be in the health insurance business...folks forget that the architects for ACA were the top point staff folks that then Gov Rommney had in Mass. I could never figure out why he ran away from that model that is, the Government is already in the health insurance business...ask anyone over 50, who lost their job at a major Fortune 500 job (Enron, Worldcom, legacy air carriers etc.) and the pension program was turned over to the Federal Government what PBGC & HCTC mean to them

The massive recession we are just coming out of, has exposed the flaws of having an employer based health insurance program..retirement wealth in 401K's and IRA's have disappeared, homes have been foreclosed on that will have long term repercussions..ACA should provide a framework, rather then lightning rod for politicians to work together
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