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The usual playbook in crisis management is to acknowledge the screw up and take responsibility at the front end, don't point fingers and blame (plenty of time for that later) fix the problem, soft beta test the solution to make sure it works before saying it is fixed (many folks will find out before an announcement) apologize and tell folks exactly what happen, how you fixed it, safeguards to make sure it does not happen going forth, based upon when the system is up and running, then decide how much longer to extend the enrollment process....the key is for the folks who were able to enroll to date, is to make sure their coverage does in fact start Jan 1st and then as consumers come online it becomes a rolling enrollment....knowing that the folks who don't want to see ACA implemented will continue to launch a firestorm attack should not distract from the mission of fixing the problem...many of the health insurance carriers who are in the exchange are trying to modified their websites so that a person could enroll thru their website working with their representative as opposed to going thru the Federal government...I'm sure this will be studied in graduate schools...I read an article that suggest welcome to the electronic Dr waiting room
The current Republican strategy in the upcoming hearings is to attack the website and the POTUS, and try to back door their recent shutdown failed secret they wanted the law to delay a year (the original tactic)in the hope of regaining the Senate...the risk in that strategy is when the technical glitches are fixed,they would have to attack the "bones" of the law...a very hard sale to the 50M Americans who don't currently have affordable health coverage (if any) the better long term strategy is to provide an alternative plan thus being perceived as solution oriented as opposed to obstructionist...I have been doing some research, the Republican party in the 30's was against forming Social Security (following the Great Recession) and fought POTUS Roosevelt tooth and nail...most senior citizens today are glad to have that safety net and glad it wasn't privitized...
AR...most folks I know in that situation did so as a last resort..I have friends that worked for Enron etc., and alot were encouraged by company executives to have 401K's heavily invested in the company stock...not a smart move in retrospect many ways Senator Cruz reminds me of the late Senator Barry Goldwater, but that's a topic for another thread...the hearings next week will be must see cable tv...when you watch it think about the folks that the law was designed for and ask yourself what will be the alternative for them and why in 6 years has not the Republicans present a plan (they would look good now if they had)yi the law's name is Affordable Health Care not "ObamaCare"
and based upon the basic premise that the Republicans were trying to champion in the 90's and Gov Romney was able to craft in Mass....I am sure the writers at Comedy Central Daily Show & Colbert Report are working overtime to find footage from that era
I really look forward to PBS Frontline doing a profile on Senator Ted Cruz and the Health Care experience based upon the 2012 program about the 2012 election was it was very objective for both sides
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