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Default Cruising to Nassau, Passports and safety.

Hi all,

Have had some great advice from here in the past and wonder if anyone could help me out.

I am taking a cruise from Miami to Bahamas on RC , the 4/5 day one. As im from the UK ive just had a i need to take my passport off the ship to enable us to get back on easier at any of the docks? I read that US citizens can prove by using a driving Licence, will a UK one be ok? This brings me onto the next point...

Safety in Nassau, i was really looking forward to visiting and while browsing places to go found a lot of recent reports about the crime in Nassau, gunpoint knife point robberies and even not going to certain areas depending on the colour of your skin? I understand that everywhere has crime and violence and im a sensible traveller never take much money or valubles etc but this still worried me a bit. I then read some cruise liners thinking of advising passengers not to get off at the dock!?

I wouldnt be venturing to any areas other than tourist, but just wondered your views?

Many thanks all
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