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Paul, I understand and appreciate your perspective...both when Clinton tried to do healthcare in the 90's and then Obama in 2008, both parties were invited to the table and both times one party refused...
To drive a vehicle on the road, you must have car part of your insurance you pay a big chunk to cover uninsured motorist..Louisiana has the highest car insurance rate in the nation and also the highest number of uninsured motorist, so there is a connection that like it or not, we all pay a penalty for those that refuse to get car insurance (or cancel after they pay their 1st month's premium)
Nobody on either political spectrum wants the Government to run anything, however, when left to their own accord, private enterprise often goes insurance companies operated their own kingdom (with the help of powerful lobbying groups) and decided whom and how to exclude...that may work in some areas but one should never play politics with one's health...however, we have all observed people that have very reckless health habits that our nation winds up paying for (smoking is a classic example as is exercise)
This past Saturday to honor my dear friend who died of Breast Cancer, I did their annual walk...under ACA women can now have several pro active preventative test done that were not covered before that could save many women who were denied or could not afford insurance would have been alive if it was found early in a check up
The politics are pretty clear, all one has to do is follow the $$$$ trail...the ACA law is much like the Social Security law of the 1930''s a huge paradym shift...I was not aware of how recent the Medicare program has been in effect and signed by a Republican POTUS...times sure have changed
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