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Default's not like folks are looking for someone to purchase it for them.they will gladly pay for it probably at the 7 1/2% ratio of income that is on Schedule A of our tax's if you are not in an employer provided or military provided or group based program, or have pre existing conditions and switch jobs or the biggest group are working Americans (WalMart, McDonald's, alot of small businesses or upstarts etc) who's employer does not offer a policy (or only catistrophic with a $12,000 plus deductible before it kicks in) and cannot afford to pay the high price of being self insured....the current trend is corporations trying to unload health cost on to active workers or retirees who are not yet 65 (or in the case of union shops, pay the unions to administer the health program)...there has been a long standing program on corporate American where an employee has a health care account, they can put aside pre tax dollars every year to help cover cost towards one's deductible or not cover under the policy...ACA is designed to provide that same type of coverage to 15-20% of Americans who are not in the establish umbrella's
The era of company's providing life time pensions and health insurance is a cost savings trend, several corporations have advised their retirees that once they are eligible to be covered under MediCare, they will be dropped from their companies plan...or like UPS just amnouned if both spouses job provides health insurance, they will no longer cover the spouse that is not employed by UPS...Senator Cruz would be in for an awakening if Goldman Saks adapted that son assures me that since he has been in for 20 years he's ok, but Jim might be able to share with you about changes for new enlistees going forward...everyone on Capital Hill needs to notch down the noise about 3 octives and work together to solve this..the Achilles Tendon of the Republican Party is their blind hatred of our current POTUS (I've yet to figure out why)..the "no to everything Obama" strategy didn't work to prevent a second term..the Democrats are not without blame either...most Americans in their political beliefs are really a mixed bag, conservative in some areas, liberal in others..we expect our elected officials regardless of party to reflect that mixture and find ways to compromise and's the extreme wings of both parties who want it all their way or nothing that has caused this's Republican's Conservative Southern Tea Party base wing is really yesterday's Dixiecrats who defected to the Republican Party because POTUS Johnson signed the 1965 Voting Rights Act
The next big battle is Immigration..that will determine which party will sit in the White House..I am so glad I will be on my Jazz Cruise in 3 days so I will miss all the fallout from the ACA hearings...My prayer is when zi return on the 12th the website will work
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