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A shockingly high number of cruise passengers spend far less than $200 onboard a cruise.
And that's why the Mass Market lines are in a panic.
We make no profit selling cruises today.
We only make money when we sell things to you on a cruise.

If you spend nothing - or next to nothing - on a ship, we are forced to get more aggressive with nickel and diming, and raise the selling price of nearly everything to cover the revenue losses we had with you.

We just completed a 59 day cruise around South America.
I identified 83 cabins that spent nothing - not a single penny - onboard my ship over 59 days. How is that even possible?? They all also removed all the auto-tips for the crew.

Many of these people were also the biggest complainers on the ship.
Every time we heard a complaint, we first checked their onboard folio. The numbers on that folio had everything to do with the type of resolution they received for their complaints.

We cannot afford to have those people come back and sail with us again.
Sadly, they probably will be back.
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