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Saturday, September 14, 2013 Ė Ensenada

My friend and his friend are big UCLA fans, and this ship has no sports bar. So the plan is to go into the city to watch the game. We had breakfast on the ship in the restaurant. I had eggs Benedict, bacon, a banana and orange juice. It was very good.

After breakfast we went into the city. The shuttle to the city is two dollars per person and the return trip is only one dollar. We walked around a bit until we found a bar that is more than willing to accommodate our choice of games to watch (UCLA vs. Nebraska). Just outside the bar is a vendor selling $1 tacos. The taco was okay, but I know of a place that makes better tacos near the blow hole (La Bufadora), but it is 18 miles away. When we arrived Nebraska was winning 21 to 3. When we left UCLA was winning 41 to 21 (38 unanswered points against a ranked opponent). Go Bruins.

After the game we head back to the ship for lunch. While walking back to the ship I bought a couple of leather belts for $40 (thought I think a couple of dollars was added to the price when converting the purchase to pesos). I checked online and my bank is showing a pending transaction for $43.92.

The restaurant on the ship was not open. My friend went to guest services to find out why and was given a deck of Carnival cards to sooth his disappointment. Lunch in the buffet turned out to be very good. We both stopped at the sandwich grill and then I added some jerk chicken while my friend had two different sandwiches.

After lunch it was back the cabin. We both took a little nap. My friend took a long nap while I decided to upload my photographs and work on this. Then I realized that I forgot to repack the charger for my DSLR. It is only a weekend cruise and I have two fully charged batteries, so I should be okay. Still it is a dumb mistake. I also have a travel camera (aka a point and shoot) that I use offer the ship and at dinner, since I donít like carrying my big DSLR around all the time.

We then went up on deck to watch Ensenada slowly sail away into the distance. After that we grabbed a little snack and then went back to the cabin to rest and get ready for elegant night. My friend got all dressed up, but I went with a Hawaiian shirt and dress pants and shoes.

Dinner was very good, with my friend ordering lobster and I decided to go with the gourmet hamburger (the only thing that swims that I like is shrimp, and I ordered the shrimp cocktail both nights so far). It actually was a very good hamburger. Of course my friend enjoyed the lobster.

After dinner my friend decided to gamble again (I just watch Ė so Iím not down anything). This time he is playing three card poker. It is a lot like Caribbean Stud except the hands are made with only three cards and the dealer does not show any of the cards. But otherwise you can bet on getting a good hand, you put in an ante and if you think you can beat the dealer, you match your ante with a bet. In this game the dealer pays or collects the bet if the dealer has a queen or better. If the dealer has no cards higher than a jack, then you cannot win or lose the bet, but you can still win or lose the ante and the good hand bet. In this game a straight is better than a flush.

My friend did not do so well, losing $100. Meanwhile my friendís friendís wife is paying the penny slots and hits big Ė four cherries and a triple payout. Total win Ė 6,000 cents ($60) on a $1.80 bet (180 credits). I went to the on board store and bought a couple of shirts for $20. The shirts were $16.95 each and I didnít see any signs regarding the two for twenty dollars sale, but one of the sales clerks saw me carrying around one of the shirts and told me about the sale. So basically I got the second shirt for $3.05.

After gambling and shopping we went to bed. Sometime in the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom and almost closed the door on my thumb. So now I have a small black and blue mark on my thumb as a souvenir of this cruise.

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