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Sunday, September 15 Ė Day at sea

We woke up late and went to breakfast. This time I had an omelet, a slice of ham, a banana and orange juice. After breakfast we came back to the cabin. Iím a Green Bay Packer fan, and since the game was on TV (until Green Bay was up 38 to 7) I watched the game. Meanwhile my friend did some gambling. Finally around 2pm my friend called. He was having lunch at the buffet. I found him and joined him. This time he did well in the casino, winning $125, putting him up $20 for the cruise.

After lunch my friend went back to the casino and I went back to the cabin to get my good camera. I decided this would be a good time to switch batteries. Okay, I'm missing both the charger and the second battery. I have a funny feeling when I get home I'm going to find one very well charged battery. Good thing the one I have was fully charged and this is a short cruise. In the last two days I have taken over 370 photographs and videos.

When I returned to the cabin my friend had done very well, winning $450 (so now he is up $345 for the cruise). Unfortunately on a three night cruise, the third day is packing day (seems like only yesterday I unpacked). Fortunately my next cruise is one full week, the one after that ten nights and the one after that two weeks. So, in the future Iíll have more time between packing and unpacking, but for now, it is time to pack.

For dinner I had the chicken while my friend had the seafood pasta. After dinner we spent a little time watching the world go by, which would have been easier to do if the moon had been out. Then my friend played some more three card poker and won $40 more. Afterward it was back to the cabin to finish packing and to put the luggage out.

Sometime during the night I woke up and the room was all lit up. Turns out there was a full moon looking into our portholes.

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