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Originally Posted by MargieP View Post
Thanks everyone for their advice.

We ended up booking a cruise to the Bahamas. Although it will only be 4 nights, we are thrilled and looking forward to it. April cannot come soon enough. :-)

We did go to two different agents. One was pushing a cruise line and when we asked about others, he kept going back to the line that he mentioned. We did not book with him.
Good choice!! Never go with an agent who is only pushing one cruise line. It may be better for them, but not for you!!

But keep in mind with the shorter cruises to the Bahamas, they (whoever it may be - but usually Carnival, RCCL, or NCL), will normally use only smaller older ships. So don't compare that particular type of cruise with the longer (7-days) cruises where they'll use the newer bigger ships with all the latest amenities, which will obviously be much nicer.

So, if you like this cruise, you'll love some of the others available to you.

And lastly, they will always offer you the opportunity to purchase a future cruise while on this cruise. If you think you might want to try another cruise with the same cruise line, it's always a great deal to take advantage of the future cruise deals. It'll be less deposit and provide onboard credit. Plus, your current agent can service the reservation for you. So it's always a good idea to take advantage of this offer.

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