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I am NOT misinformed. I was told by several stores they will not take US Dollars because of the limit set forth by the Mexican gov't as to how many US dollars they are allowed to deposit into their merchant accounts. The Cruise line even informed us of this.
AND, I am able to read my receipt, which clearly shows 125 Mexican Peso, but they charged 1250 Peso, which is $100 US dollars instead of $10.
The fraud department of my credit card would hardly investigate if the receipt showed the correct amounts charged and saw that they tried to run my card about 7 more times in the days following.
Please keep your remarks to yourself if you did not have the same experiences. You hardly know my situation. And, FYI, based on the BBB which deals with overseas claims and the fraud department of the credit card company, Cozumel is one of the biggest problems they deal with because of fraudulant activities.
Please check your sources, the US consulate in Mexico has a site specifically explaining that most stores WILL NOT TAKE US DOLLARS IN CASH.
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