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Originally Posted by Truck Cruiser View Post
There is a big difference between auto insurance and the ACA!
1. no one is forced to drive a car!
2. Some states have or had no fault insurance which states that your insurance pays for your car repairs regardless of who is at fault, insurance like this mitigates that everyone have insurance.
3. Hospital emergency rooms are forced by law to accept everyone who walks through their doors regardless of the ability to pay. Instead of deleting this law, which has driven health care prices through the roof, our federal overlords decided to make everyone get insurance or penalize them.

If health care is a right, then we should all receive Food, Water and housing as a right because these are more essential to ones health then heath care is! This is the slippery slope of communism, my friend, who was raised and lived in Romania under a communist regime, assures me that this is where this is all headed!
Is your Romanian friend named Joe Alarmist?

Are Canada, England, Germany and the rest of the world communist or headed for communism? NO is the correct answer.
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