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Question Oxyger on ship

My son, age 32, is on oxygen, 24/7. He cannot be without it. Being so limited as to what he can do, attending concerts, ballgames, etc, where there is alot of walking up stairs, and so forth, I thought maybe a cruise could be a place he could go and we, his parents, would love to try a cruise too. However, it sounds like a major major battle to get his air supply on board, and to make sure he has it the length of the cruise. He needs constant air flow; in other words, the portable concentrators are not an option. Those with batteries will not work for him. He has to have the large one that plugs in, and then, carries a tank in a carrier over his shoulder when not in the room. It seems that to have the tanks he would need over maybe 5 day cruise, would be unmanageable. Does anyone know how this can be done? Surely, he is not the only person who has this kind of problem.
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