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AR I did watch it, but don't understand why it relates to this thread.

I do have a few questions for you Z, and AR. Why did he have to lie? You know he did, because it is on tape. Did he lie because it was before an election, and he might not have won? What else he said was a lie?

Why did he think that taking away medical care for hard working Americans was the answer? Wouldn't it have not been better to change the regulations, so that the good things of ACA could move forward, but not hurt those who already had insurance.

Is he more interested in making things right, or to not back down, when so many on both sides said as it was written, it wouldn't work.

Anyone who has kept up with the news, knows he has lied many times. Can we trust someone who doesn't know the truth?

One more thing. AR I could care less what others make. They might have stolen, or maybe they worked hard for it, but it doesn't bother me. I have never been full of money envy.

I do care for those in my home, those in my family, and those around me. I care for the child who will go to bed hungry tonight. I cry for the man who is not lazy, but can't find a job to feed his family. I care about the soldier, who has to take off work, to go to the food stamp office to feed his or her family. I care about the woman, or man who had medical care to handle the cancer that was eating their bodies, but now get letters saying they will be cut off, and looking at the new plans, can't afford it.

Five years of this gentlemen. Can we afford three more?

I don't live in an ivory tower. I am down here with the peasants. They are hurting and nobody seems to care anymore.

You mention Romney. Why???? He lost the race. He is gone. What a fricking waste of time. Let's talk about what we are going to do to get people back to work. To restore the medical care that is being lost.
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