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Since we're in the business, we use to get alot of them to help keep us abreast of changes and new items of interest. But as was already pointed out, they are so loaded with advertising, that you maybe get 1 page of actual travel information for every 10 pages of advertising.

I use to like Porthole magazine, but that's gotten to be the same as all the rest, so we dropped them and now, like Dave, the only one we get is Cruise Travel. While they have alot of advertising, it's no where near as much as the others and they do have some good stories. I love their letters to the editor! Too bad it only comes out bi-monthly.

But I hear what you're saying about the survey's being slanted and the stories definitely slanted towards their biggest advertisers. Then again, when you really think about it, there haven't really been any huge changes in the industry to move a 'C' rated cruise line up to an 'A' rating. Just doesn't happen. Rankings have pretty much been stagnant since I can remember.

But it's also funny how we have NEVER read a negative cruise review in any of the cruise magazines or never see anything negative written about a ship they're highlighting. It does appear that every cruise line and every ship is absolutely perfect!

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