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Need a little expert advice.

Looking to book a cruise for my son and his soon to be wife for their honeymoon. He has never been on a cruise but she has with her family a couple of times.

They are set on wanting to go to the Caribbean (area) on a 7 day cruise leaving from Florida (we live in California so they will need to fly as well).

She seems to want to go on the Royal Caribbean line because her grandparents told her that was the best one.

I have never been on a cruise and have never booked anything more than a hotel for us online and have never used a travel agent so this is all very new to me and a WHOLE lot scary at the same time.

I have been looking online but not really sure what I am trying to look for as far as ports and how many days at sea is too much or if that's even an issue. I would love any advice/tips/suggestions anyone here would like to share as well as any other cruise lines I should look in to other than Royal Caribbean?

They are getting married at the end of June 2014 and apparently the choices for cruises are limited in what I have seen so far. Also, I was hoping to get them a balcony room - is this a decent idea?

And should I find a travel agent to help with this or try to do it on my own. Will a travel agent charge me for this service or will they get a kick back from the cruise line if we book with them?

So many questions, so little time and I'm sorry for the newbie questions!