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Default Tuesday Nov. 12 We're Home!

Morning Mates, it is 2 am and I am still awake. Arrived home around 12:30am after a long day of flights and waiting in airports.
In case you missed the sordid details, James came down with a very serious leg infection (cellulitis) on day 2 of the 2nd cruise. He visited the hospital on board twice a day for 5 days for IV antibiotics and anti-clotting injections, and spent the rest of the time confined to the cabin with his leg elevated. He was pretty sick, and watched a lot of movies.
By the last 2 days he was able to do oral antibiotics, but still had to go for injections. We also have to go to hospital at home for an ultrasound to rule out any blood clots. I will MAKE him do this tomorrow.
Naturally, all shore excursions were canceled, so nothing to report there, but I have to say that Princess staff and crew were AWESOME with their help and care.
I'll keep you updated once I get him to the hospital later today...meanwhile, it's nice to be home.

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