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It is unfortunate you had a bad experience in Mexico but that there may be one criminal in Mexico does not mean all Mexicans are criminals. Are there no criminals in the USA? That does not mean all Americans are criminals.

As to acceptance of dollars have never had any problem with paying in dollars in Mexico. In fact some hotels quote in dollars due to it being a more stable currency.

Originally Posted by laney80 View Post
I was in Cozumel on 10/24/2013 with the Disney Wonder. We did very little shopping. We read on our cruise newsletter that vendors in port are limited by Mexican Gov't as to how many US Dollars they can deposit into an account which is why most vendors only accept credit cards.

In one store, all we bought was a $10.00 T-Shirt. As I was paying for it, they did a bait and switch. Had me sign a receipt for $100.00 without me noticing and handed me the receipt for $10.00. It was not till I was back in the US that I noticed the charge on my online banking tool. Now I get to try and have this corrected and have to hassle because of dishonest crooks.

Shopping in Mexico in general is a pain. Most stuff is tacky, not realy quality merchandise and the store employees are very pushy and try to basically drag you into their store by your hair. The male clerks linger around outside the stores and are rude, inappropriate and lust over any female that walks by. Even though I was with my husband and toddler, they still whistled and made comments. NEVER going back to Mexico!
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