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Read my lips. No President makes the law - Congress does. The President did not write the Obamacare law - basically a Republican plan - he would have written something different. However, he did accept the best that Congress could produce - the best of anything Congress can produce is pathetic.

But the so called catastrophic Renaissance is still available - just pick a policy with a high deductible - one equal to max out of pocket. One where you do pay out of pocket for doctor visits and lab work until the deductible is met. Like it or not, routine preventative care will still be covered. It is still far better and cheaper to discover problems early.

I consider elderly to be someone eligible for Medicare and so is not an issue. But it is the mature adult who is very much helped by Obamacare for a number of reasons including the elimination of pre-existing conditions. That the premium multiple that can be charged mature adults is capped at a lower number than before.

Some governors have tied the medicaid expansion to Obamacare and turn it down purely out of protest for Obamacare and for no other reason. They don't give a damn about the people of their state and the people will speak louder in future elections.

The GOP is still clueless and incapable of compromise or moderation. They continue to be their own worst enemy.
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