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Red face Crowded Concierge Lounge

Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
A friend of mine just made Pinnacle Club and he told me some changes are coming, such as D+ members getting the boot from the Concierge perks as soon as every ship is retrofitted with a real Diamond Lounge. Concierge will be only suite guests and Pinnacle members.
We just got off the Brilliance Saturday. The scene in the CL was chaotic. People were getting there at 4:00 to get seats. The Diamond Lounge next door was just as bad. We were using the Colony Club which was far less crowded. They were allowing Diamond members to use any of the three lounges (Concierge, Diamond, Colony Club) which only compounded the problem. There were several hundred D+ members on board, plus an unknown number of Diamond, and around 30 or so Pinnacle. If we had been one of the folks in an Owners Suite or Royal Suite, and had to fight the crowds to get a drink at 5:30, we would have been (can't use the word here) off.

We're currently D+, so are anxious to see what's going to happen to us in the future.....
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