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More and more stores are opening earlier and earlier--I think I saw where Walmart will be open Thanksgiving evening or night-- but on the other hand, if these stores opened and people didn't rush in like a wild herd of cattle, they wouldn't open on the holidays.
This is just the tip of the iceberg-- in another year or two, stores will be open on Thanksgiving by noon, if not sooner and I say that in about the same time frame, Christmas day will see " After Christmas Sales " and open
stores by noon on Christmas day.
Sad that retailers can't just let it be for a couple days out of the year, but on the other side of the coin, as I said , if people didn't line up to do the mad dash these stores wouldn't open.
I personally wouldn't and don't go to the stores around the holidays-- I have 365 days in which to buy something if I need or want it so I can take off a few days to avoid the stampede and frenzy that seems to overtake people's minds around those times of the year.
Just my humble thoughts.
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