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Such a good news today! Keith is home and recuperating from a surgery that went well. RD's James is home recuperating with no blood clot and new (hopefully better) drugs!

I know the knee replacement process is a long one. My mom had one many years ago and just as she was preparing for surgery, my dad was admitted to the hospital. It was a long couple of months!

Mom also had the cellulitus that James is battling. I do not remember any problems with blood clots, however. That must be something I missed or mom never mentioned. I had blood clots before and was not allowed to return home. It was not fun!

Hi LS80! Hope your day is good.

We have a sunny, but cold day in store. Only mid 30's and wind. The snow we got Monday night is still here! Sun yesterday took care of the snow on the roads and sidewalks, but the grass and fields still have snow in them. This is the amount of snow I like. Just a little to pretty things up and not cause too much road problems!

Had a not-so-fun doctor appointment yesterday. It was a follow up on my cervical neck surgery. That is healing well and filling in good. However, my lower back has started to pain me and now we start that whole process of physical therapy, MRI and (ugh) maybe surgery. Already know the arthritis is bad and has done serious damage to the facet joints. Not happy at all!

Hope all have a good day and a great week!
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