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Barack Obama. Somehow, he's different. I can't put my finger on why, but he just is.

AR - Barack Obama is different because he is the least experienced and most liberal President ever elected.

I have to assume you are alluding to the racism fallacy - but race has never been a factor for Conservatives. If you recall, Lincoln freed the slaves.

Barack Obama was known to have the most liberal voting record of any member of congress for the four years he served (not even one full term). Furthermore, he had no job experience. Barack Obama has been given more of a "pass" to get away with crap than any President in history, by a media that brands anyone who criticizes him as a racist, hater, Neanderthal, cretin, fabulist... whatever.

It is Obama's record that makes him different - and that is all. In the long run, the fact that he was black will be long forgotten, but the fallacious way in which the ACA law was foisted upon the American public will be with us forever.

Hey - we all know we needed health care reform, But to say republicans never came to the table is a lie. Every time a Republican has ever gone to Obama's table he has been ridiculed by Obama.

Remember McCain at the economic table? ("elections have consequences, John"), remember How Obama greeted all the work Paul Ryan put into a comprehensive budget plan? Calling it "a “Trojan Horse” and “thinly veiled Social Darwinism.”

In other words - the reason Republicans stopped going to Obama's table is because Obama has no respect for anyone who doesn't agree with him. The prez is a disaster when it comes to working with Congress. It's well-known and documented.

I love it that even Bill Clinton had the balls to say that Obama blew it and that he owes it to America to right his wrong.

Why aren't we calling Bill a Racist? Oh, because he isn't a Republican, of course. Every republican is a racist, but no democrat can ever be one, right AR?
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