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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
It's purely an American thing. In Europe stores still close on Sundays - and every afternoon from noon to 4:00 pm.

American's are just obsessed with money, and consumer spending is a big part of our economy.

AR - your post sounds so judgmental. You say "hearth and home" is important to you - but you only have disdain for the people who live in the "Wal-Mart" world -- as if they have a choice and pick Wal-Mart over "Whole Foods" and "Tiffany's"

Where is your empathy for the people who have to work at Wal-Mart to support their families?
I think I understand AR's dislike of Wal-mart. I don't believe AR's comments were aimmed at the people who shop at Wal-mart but at the company themselves. Wal-mart runs there company similar to how I believe a war is run. The start out in the small communities and under cut the prices all the family owned business until they are the only ones left. Then they invade into the large communities. They have now starting put grocery stores into their stores for Super Wal-marts. There appears to be an effort on Wal-mart to have a Monopoly over Department and Grocery stores. The company tells the suppliers how much they will spend instead of the suppliers quoting a price. This ensures that Wal-mart has the lowest prices. They care little for their employees. They don't provide medical insurance and do everything in their power to stop the unions for coming it. In some ways I find Wal-mart to be very effective and well run company in other ways I find them shameful.

My original post included a news article where Wal-mart declares Thanksgiving dead. So this was be how Wal-mart entered into the discussion. AR refuses to allow any large corporation to offically take away his holiday. Wal-mart can't control the will of the people no matter how large they become. But this is how I read it, AR please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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