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Default travel friend noticed that those of us on the music cruises hardly mentioned their impression of the cruise (food, cabin, ports of call etc) and focus on the interactions with the artists onboard and those on the Oasis hardly mentioned the onboard entertainment and more of the size of the Oasis, the food and their cabin
Much like Harley riders do at their rallys exchanging colors and patches, I exchanged 2 SuperCruise teeshirts that I was bringing back for friends with a couple who were on the MSM cruise.

What always intrigues me is to chat with folks who's first cruise ,ever, is a full charter music cruise...they come onboard with a set impression of what to expect on their cruise from friends, family and coworkers that have cruised before, but never an a full charter music cruise for 8 days...many of the first timers asked me to email them my pics of the artists & specialized events that they did not have pics, so their friends would believe them, when they start to share with them their's one thing to show a pic on the Oasis of the outdoor auqua theatre or flow rider and quite another to show a pic of 3000 Average White Band fans on noon on the Lido deck old school party

The colorful teeshirts of each music theme cruise is a natural "ice breaker" in the gate area that can bring an elderly MSM fans from Waterloo Iowa with Jazz fans from New Orleans together in cruise big brother is 10 years older than I so I grew up listening to the music and artists of the MSM era, so we found common ground

After looking at the line up for next year's MSM cruise, since the weeks don't conflict with my SuperCruise, I may join my new gate area friends on the MSM cruise

Music and cruising go together very big thing my friend noticed...the cruisers from the Oasis were well rested and relaxed from their cruisers were exhausted but very,very happy
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