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Hi Katlady...

My original post included a news article where Wal-mart declares Thanksgiving dead.
No, it doesn't. Sorry (no offense meant, but this kind of inaccuracy is a pet peeve of mine)

I do agree with you that WalMarts tactics are "war-like" when it comes to destroying the downtown shopping of small towns. I understand that.

But to say "Wal-Mart Makes it Official - Thanksgiving is Dead" are the words of Wal-Mart is just not right. Those words were the opinion of the writer of the article about Wal-Mart - NOT the words of Wal-Mart the company. It is misleading to say that Wal-Mart said that - it just isn't true.

I am not defending their actions. I just think it is very unfair to put words in other people's mouths. Here is the Wal-Mart press release, and nowhere does it say "Thanksgiving is dead"

Walmart Announces Plans for Black Friday 2013 - Yahoo Finance
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