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The internet has changed the holiday shopping patterns for Americans...a company either embraces the internet or gets put out of business..major box companies are embracing it...

At Best Buy, I can purchase on sale. an electronic item on "Black Friday" and arrange a store p/u on the following Monday when store traffic is slow...Best Buy knows they no longer have to lure you to the store with 50% off sales and open at midnight on Thanksgiving...however there is a certain segment of the public that enjoys that ritual of standing in line at 6 am for their favorite store to open at midnight

Post Hurricane Katrina I make a point of holiday shopping with local small businesses as a point of pride..I only purchase my prescription medicine and Greek yogurt from WalMart

In New Orleans Thanksgiving is alive and well with fried turkey, multi generation family dinners, Bayou Classic football game at the SuperDome and Church on Sunday...WalMart has not impacted that
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