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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
My brothers deductible was 5000. I didn't mean to leave anything out, but gave the info I thought was enough to be clear.

He does not qualify for Gov help.

AR, Be very careful with your words of wisdom, and knowing all. This is my brother we are talking about. A well respected member of his community. A good man who now must find the money to pay, plus find new doctors to treat him, before he dies.
Nothing against your brother, never was. But no, the picture wasn't clear until you cited the current deductible.

There are other factors too, but in balance I agree that people who will pay significantly more under a new plan should be grandfathered in some way, made whole. And just so you know, assuming the monthly premium is a wash, I do consider a delta of $1,000 a month significant. Very significant.(17,000-5,000/12).

I do not agree that everybody who simply "likes" their current plan should get a pass. But I think that cases like the one you cite, where the numbers are clearly out of whack, should be subject to some sort of review and adjustment, and I think that's what will happen.
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