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Lets all just hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and Christmas wherever they are, whatever their financial status may be, etc.
I see both sides--My wife worked 34 years 1 month and 5 days in the retail jewelry business managing a store for the largest retailer of jewelery ( sales wise ) in the country. For all those years we never had a normal Christmas, until last Christmas , as she was retired. She was so happy to be able to sleep late, not work late, not have to deal with people, etc. that she actually put up 2 Christmas trees and tons of decorations !
Yes, she could have quit but with 2 kids to put through college without loans, it took both of us working. Plus, she made a sizable salary and bonus. But the other side of the coin was giving up the holidays, working long hours and believe me folks, when you deal with Christmas shoppers for 2 months and then have to deal with the returns, exchanges, etc after Christmas, you have earned your pay and a few days off.
So, as I said I have seen it from both sides. My wife is retired now and they called today wanting her to come back to work through Christmas--No Way !!!!
I don't care whether it's Walmart, Cosco, Target or whomever--they are out for the dollar and the employees be damned--you can bet the CEO's and other top mgt. people are home, as A.R. said, around the hearth with their family and friends on the holidays.
But, everyone has a choice--shop or not--stay away as I do, or go with the thundering herds-- if I get pushed, shoved, toes stepped on, etc it will be at home, maybe by my wife !
Just be happy to be somewhere where it's safe, you have shelter and at least some family time. And remember--war doesn't necessarily shut down because we have a holiday-- So, remember our troops who would love to be home but are in, or will be in some very dangerous situations during the holidays--I know--been there and done that and the holidays, although on your mind, have to be pushed back to concentrate on the job at hand or you might not be around for the next holiday !
So, lets all just try to be happy--happy-- happy ---and thankful.
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