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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Hi Katlady...

No, it doesn't. Sorry (no offense meant, but this kind of inaccuracy is a pet peeve of mine)

I do agree with you that WalMarts tactics are "war-like" when it comes to destroying the downtown shopping of small towns. I understand that.

But to say "Wal-Mart Makes it Official - Thanksgiving is Dead" are the words of Wal-Mart is just not right. Those words were the opinion of the writer of the article about Wal-Mart - NOT the words of Wal-Mart the company. It is misleading to say that Wal-Mart said that - it just isn't true.

I am not defending their actions. I just think it is very unfair to put words in other people's mouths. Here is the Wal-Mart press release, and nowhere does it say "Thanksgiving is dead"

Walmart Announces Plans for Black Friday 2013 - Yahoo Finance
An excellent point you are correct Wal-mart never said Thanksgiving is dead. I should not misquote them. They simply keep opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving which causes the other stores to follow suit. Starting their sale this year right at dinner time on Thanksgiving is what they are doing. They would never say "Thanksgiving is dead come shop with us instead." But actions speak louder then words.

No worries I'm not offended. This is a discussion about shopping I'm not going to take anything personal.
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