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CQ...I had a nice chat with the Detroit Ballroom Dancing instructor(Mr Smooth, google him)and shared with him that if he ever does his group cruise out of your area, he should hire you as an assistant dance instructor in return for a free cabin

It would be my luck next year if I booked the before noon nonstop, there would be an obstacle...besides luggage express cannot be utilized if your flight is before, you cannot get thru TSA check point security until 4 hours before your scheduled departure

I actually make use of the time by sorting thru my 1000+ digital pics to pick out and arrange a scrapbook for my cabinmate and read the Sunday local paper...the only downside is the expensive airport I fuel up heavy on the ship with breakfast on the lido deck

It's always fun to people watch in the gate area when cruisers are flying to and coming home from their cruise...I can spot first timers going and those that did not enjoy their cruise coming home
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