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Default It's Thursday

Good morning. Thursday, indeed, and another hot one. Yesterday it was 90.

Keith says he's sleeping more comfortably. He surely did last night, until our idiot neighbor tossed what sounded like rocks in their trash can. That woke us up!

Our house is torn up making room for medical equipment. We're trying to figure out how long we will have it. Keith is wearying of spending six hours a day on both the exercise machine and using the ice cooler. I think he has a while to go, tho'.

Donna, you're reading my mind about coughing. I kept us both awake along with the neighbor's trash can! I just called the Dr. for a cough medicine perscription. I can pick that up when I go for ice. I can only store one pkg. of ice. As for socks, (wasn't that a cat's name?) it's too hot to wear them. I hope James is feeling better.

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