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Originally Posted by AnnaBridges View Post
Hello cruisers,
I am soon going for my first cruise and I will have a stop in Lisbon.
I really enjoy Fado and want to have the chance to listen to it live!
My thing is: I have done some research and could not find any place that provides some fado (even without food) during the day. Most of them have dinner and fado at 7 pm or so...
I am staying in Lisbon only a few hours leaving again at 6pm...
Where can I experience some fado before this?
Even in the morning will be ok - regarding the singer is not still sleeping.
I can't wait for my cruise! Sooo excited!
I wish I had the answer for you. Sadly AR is correct most fado happens at night. Your best bet is the Museu do Fado they are opened during the day but I don't know if they do the music you can e-mail and check with them. I haven't been here so I can't say how good it is. Here is a link. Museu do Fado - Home Here is also a link to a guide of Fado in Lisbon this lists the different places to listen to Fado. Good Luck and Fado: A guide to Lisbon?s very own musical genre | Portugal Daily View
Oh one final tip is you like fish and they have Espada get that. Trust me you can only get this fish in Portugal and it's wonderful. Are you stopping at any of the islands? My dad is from Madeira Island.
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